Bakari Logistics LLC. provides safe and on time delivery of freight cargo. With nearly a decade of experience we understand that the key to the transportation industry is preparedness. We keep our trucks in excellent condition but we also are prepared for the inevitable breakdown. We have a large network of truck rental locations we can solicit trucks from. We also don't deploy all of our trucks to have a spare immediately available when needed.

Core Competencies

  • Honorable; We don't enter an agreement that we're not capable or intend to complete.
  • Responsible; We take full responsibility for the care and delivery of every shipment.
  • Preparedness; We consider all forceable conditions to insure safe & timely transportation of cargo.
  • Reliable; We have a excellent record of safe and on time delivery.


Honestly there's thousands of trucking companies that can take your cargo. We provide the best service we can based on our values and create relationships with shippers who find us to be reliable.

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